Young People´s Voices in the Archipelago

Thematic cluster:
Archipelago and Islands Sub-programme
3. Attractive and dynamic societies
Direction of support:
Social and democraphic issues, especially young people
Jan 2012 - Dec 2013 (2 years, 0 months)
Total funding:
448 936 €
ERDF funding:
336 701 €
EUSBSR Priority area
Developing innovative education and youth

Development idea

The population in the Stockholm and Åland archipelago is aging, and increasing numbers of young people feel that the geographical location of the archipelago provides limited potential. This makes it difficult for young people to make a living in the islands, and many young people are leaving the archipelago in order to study and do not move back later. To be able to create better conditions for the young adults in the archipelago, their voices need to be heard and addressed by decision-makers.

Aim of the project

The project aimed to improve the conditions for young people in the Stockholm and Åland archipelago by finding out which activities young adults would like to engage in and how studies, leisure and other interests can be developed in order to attract younger adults to stay.

Main project activities

Local meetings, workshops and joint conferences where young people were able to exchange ideas and learn about democracy were arranged. Their ideas and suggestions for change were compiled into a report distributed to politicians and organisations to promote necessary actions to make the archipelago a more attractive place for young people. By improving the living conditions for young adults in the Stockholm and Åland archipelago and by encouraging young people to be active in the development of the archipelago, a healthy and vibrant archipelago will be ensured for the future.


The Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County

ERDF funding:
182 894 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
60 965 €


ERDF funding:
153 807 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
51 270 €


Final Report of the project Young Voices

The report summarises the main findings of the project on how the networks of the youth in the archipelago areas were strengthened through cooperation.

During the project's final conference the findings of the project were presented to the audience which included civil servants and politicians from Sweden and Åland. The results were also compiled into a Final Report. In the attached Newsletter youths' experiences of the project are summarized.

Final report of the project Young Voices SWE
Newsletter with youths' experiences SWE