Creative entrepreneurship training network

Thematic cluster:
Central Baltic Programme
2. Economically competitive and innovative region
Direction of support:
Supporting innovation and improving competitiveness
Nov 2009 - Oct 2012 (3 years, 0 months)
Total funding:
951 017 €
ERDF funding:
771 133 €
EUSBSR Priority area
Promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the growth of SMEs
Developing innovative education and youth

Development idea

Higher level entrepreneurial education is increasing in Europe in general, but the methods for teaching entrepreneurship are not always the most effective. Furthermore, the availability of entrepreneurial education for students in the non-business fields, such as the creative industries, has been minimal.

Aim of the project

The CREAENT project provided young people and students within the creative industry sector with better knowledge and skills to become entrepreneurs. By developing a best practice model of entrepreneurial education for creative industry students at universities in Finland, Estonia and Latvia, the project linked knowledge and innovation to sustainable economic development and the competitiveness of the Central Baltic area.

Main project activities

The project has developed new tools, a forum for networking and a cross-border entrepreneurship programme as well as training material for creative industry students at universities. Other activities included the creation of a cross-border internet-based platform for the exchange of ideas and support for the elaboration of business ideas with potential for international business cooperation.


Helsinki School of Economics Small Business Center

ERDF funding:
279 238 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
93 079 €

University of Tartu

ERDF funding:
147 342 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
26 001 €

Tallinn University of Technology

ERDF funding:
155 469 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
27 436 €

Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

ERDF funding:
189 084 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
33 368 €


Report on creative entrepreneurs’ perceptions about entrepreneurial education

The publication offers information on needs and perceptions of creative industry entrepreneurs about entrepreneurial education.

The report is applicable in the development of a cross-border training program of creative entrepreneurship. The material for publication was collected by interviewing young, creative entrepreneurs in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

Creative entrepreneurs’ perceptions about entrepreneurial education (ENG)

Report on perceptions of entrepreneurship among future creative professionals

The publication presents the results of a survey done on higher education students about entrepreneurship.

The publication presents the results of a survey, which was targeted to students of higher education institutions providing programs in creative disciplines in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. The aim of the survey was to produce information and understanding about how students of creative disciplines perceive entrepreneurship as a career option, and how they rate their entrepreneurial capabilities and entrepreneurial education provided in their universities.

Perceptions of entrepreneurship among future creative professionals (ENG)

Training programme and pilot training for potential and starting entrepreneurs in knowledge-based creative sector

The material presents the results of the pilot trainings.

The project implemented a training programme based on the analysed needs and perceptions of students and professionals in creative industries. The experiences from the piloted training programme provide insights for the development of entrepreneurial training and other support measures for creative entrepreneurs in the Central Baltic Region. The report includes the content, methods and training format.

The results of the training programme (ENG)

Publication on creative and cultural industries in Latvia in 2012

The report presents a snapshot of the creative and cultural
industries in Latvia.

The depth of the Latvian creative and cultural businesses – from small design companies to theatres and opera, employing many artists and support staff is presented in the material.

Creative and cultural industries in Latvia 2012