Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking

Thematic cluster:
Central Baltic Programme
3. Attractive and dynamic societies
Direction of support:
Improving living conditions and social inclusion
Sep 2009 - Apr 2012 (2 years, 8 months)
Total funding:
632 694 €
ERDF funding:
506 322 €
EUSBSR Priority area
Developing innovative education and youth

Development idea

The root causes of gender-based violence, including trafficking for sexual exploitation, are often inadequately addressed. Persistent gender inequality with strong, fixed gender roles in the countries of origin, transit and destination make gender-based violence, discrimination and trafficking possible.

Aim of the project

The GGBGnetwork promoted better gender equality and highlighted the importance of questioning the existing gender roles in youth work in order to reduce the risk of gender-based violence, discrimination and other social risks.

Main project activities

Young men and women were empowered through involvement in informal free time activities based on the unique Nordic Girl and Boy group method. By training about 60 girl and boy group leaders on Åland and in Latvia, the project established a network of group leaders. Researchers monitored the group members during the project to assess their personal development and the change in attitudes, values and self esteem compared to control groups. To ensure sustainability, the group leaders were educated as trainers, who can educate new group leaders in their respective countries.


The Åland Islands Peace Institute

ERDF funding:
236 009 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
78 670 €

Association Resource Centre for Women “Marta”

ERDF funding:
270 313 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
47 702 €


Method manual book for girl and boy group activities

The manual includes a description of the girl and boy group method as well as concrete exercises for discussions during the group meetings.

The girl and boy group method is a Nordic model of practical work with young people. It aims to strengthen individuals, enhance the participants’ possibilities to become active members of society, while questioning prevailing gender stereotypes and norms, in order to achieve greater gender equality and a non-discriminatory setting for individual development.

Metodbok för tjej- och killgrupper (SWE)
Metodikas rokasgrāmata meiteņu un zēnu grupu (LAT)

Girl and boy group training and group activities (video)

Totally 65 girl and boy group leaders were trained during the project.

Furthermore, 16 of these leaders qualified as trainers of group leaders. Altogether 27 girl and boy groups were implemented during the project duration. The film illustrates the experiences of young people involved in girl or boy Group activities within the project.

Report on the effects of the girl and boy group method

The report shows the effects of girl and boy group activities whcih were implemented during the project GGBGNetwork.

The aim of the research was to analyse the girl and boy group method by assessing the effects of participation in a girl or boy group in relation to gender norms, gender equality, social attitudes and empowerment.

Effects of the girl and boy group method (ENG)