Safe and active schoolday - WellBeing Partnership

Thematic cluster:
Wellbeing Education
Southern Finland - Estonia Sub-programme
3. Attractive and dynamic societies
Direction of support:
Social security and wellbeing of different groups in society
Sep 2009 - Dec 2012 (3 years, 4 months)
Total funding:
1 419 370 €
ERDF funding:
1 125 040 €
EUSBSR Priority area
Improving and promoting people’s health, including its social aspects
Developing innovative education and youth

Development idea

Both in Tallinn (Estonia) and Turku (Finland), children and young people have more inactive lifestyles that contribute to excess weight and obesity. Furthermore, socio-economic factors cause low levels of involvement and participation in the school community and increasing disparity and inequality in the area of wellbeing.

Aim of the project

The SAS project promoted wellbeing, an active lifestyle and the involvement of children and young people. School is the best way to channel these kinds of activities, as it offers the possibility to reach the entire target group as well as their families.

Main project activities

By gathering comparable data and carrying out analysis of wellbeing and lifestyle of children and young people in both cities, models and tools have been developed to prevent inactive lifestyles. The project carried out various activities such as break-time activities, pupils as planners, after-school activities, school yard projects and cooperation between schools and families. To help schools to encourage an active lifestyle and participation, the project also provided equipment and materials for school activities and campaigns.


City of Turku, School Center

ERDF funding:
610 691 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
203 564 €

City of Tallinn, Tallinn Education Department

ERDF funding:
514 349 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
90 768 €


Communication web-portal for teachers and pupils

Communications web-portal for teachers and pupils for interchanging experiences and ideas in order to increase the involvement of pupils in the planning of school break activities.

The platform is available in two language versions. FIN EST

Research report on a safe and active schoolday

The report analyses project achievements on making children schooldays more active.

The research report is published in Estonian with an English summary.

Research report on a safe and active schoolday ENG