Rings in Water - involvement of immigrants and Russian speaking inhabitants through environmental activities.

Thematic cluster:
Southern Finland - Estonia Sub-programme
1. Safe and healthy environment
Direction of support:
Maintaining and improving the condition of the natural environment
Jan 2009 - Dec 2011 (3 years, 0 months)
Total funding:
425 461 €
ERDF funding:
341 191 €

Development idea

There is an upward trend in the amount of household waste despite a number of projects funded to raise environmental awareness. The vast majority of these projects have been targeted towards children and Estonian or Finnish-speaking adults. The Rings in Water project addresses two large inhabitant groups in Estonia and Finland that have not been targeted before – the elderly and Russian-speaking inhabitants.

Aim of the project

The project sought to prevent environmental risks by promoting environmental awareness, sustainable consumption and good housekeeping through the networking of Russian-speaking and elderly “green ambassadors”.

Main project activities

The activities were carried out in municipalities where Russian-speaking inhabitants dominate in Estonia and where Russian-speaking immigrants live in Finland. The project trained municipal civil servants to encourage Russian-speaking inhabitants to get involved in taking care of the environment in their neighbourhoods by minimising household waste and reducing energy and water consumption. Chairpersons of cooperative housing associations were trained to act as environmental trustees in their neighbourhoods.


The Centre for Development Programs EMI-ECO

ERDF funding:
209 389 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
40 336 €

Lahti Region Environmental Service

ERDF funding:
131 802 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
43 934 €


Guidelines to increase the environmental awareness among the Russian-speaking elderly

The guidelines provide tools for people working with the elderly in supporting them in environmentally friendly housekeeping and living habits.

The material has been used e.g. to educate the elderly Russian speaking inhabitants in Estonian and Finnish municipalities to become aware of e.g. household waste management as well as water and electricity consumption.

Public involvement models:
Narvassa ja Tallinnassa sovellettujen asukkaiden osallistumisen menetelemät FIN
Narvas ja Tallinnas rakendatud elanike kaasamise vormid ja meetodite ülevaade ja analüüs EST
In Russian RUS

Supporting material for raising environmental awareness

The educational material aims at minimizing environmental risks by promoting environmental awareness, sustainable consumption and good housekeeping through networking of Russian-speaking inhabitants in municipalities.

The material consists of different items as brochures, guides and calendars.

In touch with nature - Lahti Region nature guide ENG 
Löydä luonto läheltäsi - Lahden seudun luonto-opas FIN
Kestävää kulutusta joka päivä FIN 
Устойчивое потребление каждый день RUS
Säästumeelespea kalender 2012 EST
Календарь бережливости на 2012 год