Strengthening Integration Dialogue Platforms

Thematic cluster:
Central Baltic Programme
3. Attractive and dynamic societies
Direction of support:
Improving living conditions and social inclusion
Jan 2012 - Dec 2013 (2 years, 0 months)
Total funding:
338 080 €
ERDF funding:
261 683 €
EUSBSR Priority area
Improving and promoting people’s health, including its social aspects

Development idea

The existing ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in Europe has been continuously enhanced by migration. However, many immigrant communities experience less solidarity and encounter particular barriers in participation in community life and the decision making process in their host countries. At the same time, the native population also frequently experiences a certain social distance in engaging with immigrant groups. In the countries of the Baltic Sea region, consultative structures in the area of integration on national and local level are available, but dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of dialogue processes continues to grow.

Aim of the project

The goal of the SIDP project was to strengthen the use of common spaces and activities in which immigrants (including third-country nationals) interact with the host societies of countries in the Baltic Sea region. The best medium for such meaningful action is through the dialogue platforms, which in turn enhance the role of consultative bodies and the representation of civil society organisations in defining, implementing and evaluating the integration policies concerning immigrants.

Main project activities

The dialogue events that took place in Estonia, Sweden and Latvia during the project enabled the participants to establish contacts and build a network in the Baltic Sea region, allowing them to have a more effective impact in participating in discussions on the integration of immigrants through initiating further joint projects, both in the Baltic Sea region and at European level.


Estonian Advice Centre

ERDF funding:
113 607 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
32 043 €

Municipality of Sodertalje

ERDF funding:
73 958 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
24 652 €

Latvian Centre for Human Rights

ERDF funding:
46 223 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
12 287 €

Ida-Virumaa Integration Centre

ERDF funding:
27 895 €
Amount of eligible national funding:
7 415 €


A comparative analysis of dialogue platforms for minority integration in Estonia, Latvia and Sweden

The document gives an overview of methodological approaches to different types of dialogue and theoretical approaches to inter-cultural dialogue.

The report contains a section on methodology used for this project as well as definitions of dialogue platforms and European standards on minority participation, followed by country analysis. It also gives an overview of the main findings and results of the interviews with stakeholders that either have organised dialogue activities or taken part in them.

Comparative analysis of dialogue platforms ENG

Guidelines for creating dialogue platforms for integration

The aim of the document is to help organizing integration-related dialogue platforms in ethnically and culturally diverse societies.

The guidelines consist of three chapters. Chapter one gives an overview of the factors, which are essential for the success of dialogue platforms in general, followed by chapter two that provides more detailed recommendations concerning integration-related dialogue platforms. Chapter three summarises dialogue methods, which are used most frequently for dialogue purposes and which can also be applied for promoting dialogue in the field of integration.

Guidelines for integration dialogue platforms ENG
Guidelines for integration dialogue platforms RUS
Guidelines for integration dialogue platforms EST